Why Counselling?

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Cathy Macbeth   MBACP

 Counselling and Supervision in Skelmersdale and Ormskirk

Why counselling?

At any point in life you can feel depressed, anxious, have difficulty in coping with bereavement, or be facing challenges; you may feel ‘down’ or overwhelmed by life. You might find it difficult to talk to family or friends for fear of burdening or hurting them. You may feel that they contribute to your problems. You may be looking for freedom –  from fear, relationship problems, or just be feeling ‘stuck’ in a place you don’t want to be in.

Maybe you’ve just had ‘enough’

Painful experiences from the past, difficulties in the present, or worries about the future may leave you unable to enjoy life or achieve your aims or potential.

Counselling can help if you are:

  • bereaved
  • stressed, anxious or depressed
  • having problems with relationships
  • in need of understanding and support
  • going through a personal crisis or life change
  • struggling with health issues
  • finding it hard to cope
  • experiencing low self-esteem or confidence

Do you want to talk to someone who will listen without judgement and support you through a hard time?

This is the time that, as your counsellor, I can support you and we can work together to explore your thoughts and feeling in a safe, confidential space, without fear or judgement.


It’s normal to think things like ‘what will the counsellor be like?’ ‘will I like her/him?’ ‘what will I say?’ ‘will I get upset?’  – all sorts of questions might be buzzing around in your mind.  That’s why I offer a free 30 minute first meeting, so that you can meet me, ask any questions you have, get a feeling for how we might get along, and put your mind to rest, with no obligations to book further sessions.

To contact me call 0786 407 8684 or email cathy@cathymacbethcounselling.co.uk